First, to congratulate you on your upcoming anniversary celebration for your company. It must be a great feeling to look back to where you started and to see all of the positive changes, growth and development of your company throughout the years.  Not to mention all of the success and happy clients I'm sure you have serviced along the way.  Cheers to you and your crew!
Secondly, I/we wanted to write to Thank you and your crew for the great job you did building our covered patio/pergola last fall. Believe it or not, I have already spent lots of time sitting under cover throughout this winter enjoying my coffee, the space, the light and the fresh air.  We love it.  You were all a pleasure to work with from start to finish - your patience and flexibility during the design process, your handling of the plans and permits, the professionalism of yourself and all of the crew, your follow up and contact and especially the detail with which the structure was built.  It has already thoroughly enhanced our outdoor living.  We are very happy with the outcome and are looking forward to spending a lot more time in the yard this summer.  If at any time you need, we would be happy to be a reference for you for future clients.
I was planning on writing this letter later in the spring and sending along some photographs once we have the patio setup.  I will still send photos for your records once they are ready.  I'm sure you are gearing up for another busy summer.  Again, Thank You.  We wish you and everyone at JWS a safe and successful summer and the very best for many more years to come.
Sincerely, Lisa & Bob Costen

The Costens

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