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June 25, 2015 | John Swarbrick

Peeing in Pools and Other Dangerous Trends...

When my twins, Graham and Claire were just small, we used to take them to this “Tot’s and Mom’s” swim session at the Waterloo Swimplex, in the town we live in. Notwithstanding the nowadays offensive exclusionary title of the swim session, it was a fun time. Even though I was…clearly…a Dad…I was allowed to wade into the luke warm waters with my fellow “Parental Units” and enjoy a swimming lesson with the kids and my wife, Anne, who is – obviously a woman, and hence was not worried about any type of shunning….anyway, this... Read More
June 10, 2015 | John Swarbrick

The Opportunity to "Build with Soul"

I built a cross once. It was for a local Catholic Elementary School. I can’t even remember why I was asked to build it or how the conversation came to me? I mean, it is not everyday that someone asks you to build an eight foot tall cross for their school. I used this amazing Sequoia from wine staves from huge wine kegs, salvaged from a winery in London, Ontario. The wood in the main body of the cross was several hundred years old and absolutely some of the finest wood I had ever taken chisel to. It was HUGE and the entire shop was filled with the most wonderful aroma of red wine. Inset... Read More

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"We were so impressed with the service provided by JWS from designing the porch, to permitting and construction. The staff at JWS are truly professionals and were so easy to work with. They thought through every aspect of our project from beginning to end. The porch JWS built for us is second to none in design and custom detailing. It has increased our property value dramatically through the wonderful improvement in curb appeal. We would highly recommend JWS and their staff if you are looking for a high quality product and want to work with an exceptional team." I hope that this season finds you busily booking up for the summer. Best, Amanda and Matt Mitrovich
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