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March 11, 2015 |

Carry on My Wayward Son.....and Daughters....

It is “Resume Season” at JWS Woodworking and Design Inc. as we look for another member for our team.

First of all, I have to say this. Resume season ALWAYS makes me feel fortunate and thankful and somewhat humbled at times.  Fortunate that I have such an amazing CORE team that has been loyal and hardworking and focussed all these years, and thankful that they are already part of my team.  Humbled that there are so many people that continue the search year after year after year for that “perfect” job while people on our team have helped create... Read More
March 7, 2015 |

Mind Your Manners and pass me the

Thanks for the cool bowl Cathie and the idea for this piece, Rich.

Someone told me yesterday that they “read my blog – religiously…” That makes TWO people…my Mom and them, I guess and maybe my lovely wife… What struck me about what they said, other than the fact that I was a tad bit uncomfortable with the euphemism, was that they SAID it. As in, said it, too my face. Not in a Tweet, not on Facebook, they took the time to hunt me down in my “other – work place”  and tell me that with good old fashioned words. I thanked them humbly... Read More

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