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February 3, 2016 | John Swarbrick

What do you hope to "get" from your choice in a contractor...

Getting to the “get”…..
It appears at times, as a society, we sure are getting pretty good at “Goal Setting.” The number of folks jamming themselves into the gyms in the New Year and the number of invasive on-line advertisements for quick weight loss gimmicks, powders and contraptions is almost overwhelming. Clearly the resultant boom in items placed on Kijiji in the next few months will be a solemn testament to that fact.

The same can be said of renovation or remodelling dreams. Be it a major addition or a small powder room. often we can quickly fall short... Read More
December 12, 2015 | John Swarbrick

Coffee Beans and TOAST!

Settlement Co. in Waterloo Ontario is an ultra cool new coffee shop/bistro/ bakery that has opened up in our thriving downtown core. Now as a cyclist, coffee is basically a kind of fuel of necessity, as a contractor – a fuel of necessity…as a business owner – a fuel of…well, I am sure you get the point by now!

As most people realize, in our ever increasing society of convenience, if it hasn’t got a “drive-through” there is a large component of society that is not interested…..

Well, GOOD! There will be more room at this place for me... Read More

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