Community Commitments

JWS Woodworking and Design Inc. - has a strong commitment to the environment and the community we serve.

Member Canadian Green Building Council

JWS Woodworking and Design Inc.  is an active member of the Canadian Green Building Council. Through our self generated initiatives we have embarked on a mission to have practically no manufacturing produced waste go to the landfill from our shop.  It has NOT been easy - but we are winning the battle.  Through the amazing support and help of people around us, together, we are making it happen.  Currently we are one of the only small shops in the area that is a member of the Canadian Green Building Council and one of the few making a commitment to using ONLY formaldahyde free building products in all of our cabinetry. Further, we are making the move to use FSC Certified Lumber in our decks and outdoor structures this year - another first in the industry for JWS.  As a team, we are proud to lead the way to a healthier building environment for our employees and a safer building material for our clients and their families.

Award Winning Supporter of Habitat for Humanity 

By donating cabinets we are replacing in kitchen renovations and decking and fencing we are replacing with our outdoor structures to Habitat for Humanity, we have diverted thousands of tonnes of waste from the landfills while at the same time providing thousands of dollars of revenue for a worthy cause. We gladly do this at our own expense when necessary, and work in partnership with Habitat to make this an affordable and practical way to better serve our customers and our community. For our efforts we received a Supporter Award from Habitat for Humanity this year.

Supporting Local Schools

JWS Woodworking and Design Inc. supports local schools through donation of off cut wood materials for use in Science and Tech programs throughout the year. This is an exciting and worthwhile effort that sees children in our local community get to enjoy building projects without any expense to the schools,  allowing for more learning through doing and more enjoyment of a craft we so enjoy!  We will be including a gallery of some of the works by our budding young artisans on this site! Stay in touch for updates!

Supporting Communities

The Laurelwood Community in Waterloo is where JWS Woodworking and Design Inc. has enjoyed an overwhelming popularity that began in the early 2000's and has continued to the present. As a sign of our gratitude, we organized and donated a large portion of the costs of a new Nature Area Fence to the Laurelwood Public School this past fall.  Along with Fairway Lumber Co. in St. Jacobs, who supplied the lumber for our many Laurelwood projects,  we teamed up with the school council and were proud to give back to a community that has been so loyal in their support of our company. Thank you again to all of our clients past and present that have made giving back possible.